Our care workers

Selection of care workers is the most important part of our work, and we organize a thorough competition including verification of references of babysitting which the care worker submits and which we verify.

Profile of our babysitter

  • is of age
  • has a really positive attitude to children and likes and appreciates working with them
  • completed at least secondary education, ideally in the field of Pedagogy or Health Care
  • has experience with babysitting in families or other establishments
  • is good-natured, easy-going, empathic, flexible and reliable
  • is healthy and has no criminal record
  • is a student, mother or active grandmother
  • speaks foreign languages
  • is a non-smoker

We require from all our babysitters

  • document proving the completed education including the professional training
  • health report confirming an excellent health state
  • reference of employer
  • reference for babysitting from previous families
  • clear criminal record

Workload of our babysitters comprises looking after children and the complete care for children, which includes

  • maintaining the everyday routine and habits of children
  • preparation and serving meals
  • hygiene
  • logopaedic and motor skills development of a child (gross and fine motor skills)
  • general development of a child – artistic techniques, singing, dancing, musical instruments, sport
  • care for an ill child
  • visits to the paediatrician
  • babysitting in a foreign language (after the previous agreement with parents)

All our babysitters have to follow the ethical codex of a babysitter.