Regular babysitting

  • please fill in an order form in the Order section
  • we are glad to arrange a meeting with each new client at our offices
  • based on your specific requirements and regarding the age and character qualities of your child we will choose the best babysitter who will be introduced to you
  • we will send you a photo and a profile of a babysitter
  • we recommend nurses for youngest children who are perfectly able to look after children including newborns and infants, and can give advice during puerperium and breastfeeding
  • for older children we recommend babysitters educated in pedagogy
  • for a long-term babysitting we ensure one stable babysitter  to establish a friendly and long-term relation with the child and parents
  • we conclude a Contract on providing care for children with all clients
  • health card of a child forms a part of the contract which serves for the delivery of important information about the state of health of a child, daily routine, and upbringing

One-time babysitting

  • we immediately process your request on the day you send your order. ( Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc)
  • fill in your order in the Order section
  • we will immediately contact you by phone
  • we will offer you a babysitter with experience with the age group of your child
  • we will send you the profile and photo of a babysitter
  • you pay the babysitter for the services and receive a receipt