• We are specialists in selecting care workers, their certification, testing, and training
  • We have been successfully present on the Czech market since 2005
  • We have almost no complaints and exchanges of babysitters in families
  • We employ tens of babysitters and are able to provide immediate babysitting
  • We provide uninterrupted service to the client which includes, for example, immediate supplements for an ill babysitter or consultancy concerning any questions related to child care, etc.
  • We have established a liability insurance for the cases of a bodily harm done to a child or damage to property in a household
  • In the course of babysitting you can contact us anytime.

Forms of cooperation with clients

  • care worker can be employed by our agency, and the client pays for the services to the agency
  • agency arranges a care worker for a client – the clients then pay the care worker themselves and the agency receives a one-time fee.