We provide professional babysitters working part/full time for very busy families and mothers who go back to work soon.

Babysitter working part or full time will provide

  • all care for the newborns
  • we prepare food for children using fresh ingredients
  • we can bring children to working mothers for breastfeeding or feed expressed breast milk
  • we ensure the maintenance of hygiene of children, provide an evening bath and fairy-tales reading
  • we concentrate on a proper development of a child based on the knowledge of Developmental Psychology
  • we enhance the language and cultural competencies of children (musical instruments, artistic activities )
  • we foster interest in sports, attend swimming lessons and exercises with children
  • we encourage good conduct and correct speech
  • we do logopaedic training with children
  • we can speak foreign languages with children
  • after previous agreement we can iron children’s clothes
  • after previous agreement we can help with light housework
  • babysitter can accompany the family on holidays and travel with them
  • we respect the upbringing of children and the established routine of the family
  • we are absolutely discrete and loyal
  • after previous agreement we can take pictures and videos of your child during the day, and record unique experience and progress
  • we look after the children of high-profile people

Job content is to be defined according to the specific requirements of a family.

Professional babysitter profile

  • At least secondary education
  • Long-term experience with babysitting in families
  • No criminal record, good health
  • At least two references that we verify
  • Non-smoker
  • Love for children, independence, organizational skills, pleasant behaviour
  • We select babysitters with good attitude to older people and animals

Selection of a full-time babysitter

We carefully select professional babysitters exclusively for your family:

  • Several rounds of a selection process
  • References are verified
  • Theoretical and practical exams with children
  • Personal documents submitted
  • Training provided by the company BIBO

You can have your babysitter arranged by us.

Arrangement of a babysitter

  • babysitter has a trade licence or is employed by your family or company
  • for finding, screening and training of a babysitter you pay only a fee amounting to one gross monthly salary of a babysitter to us
  • then the babysitter is paid by you
  • there is a guarantee period for the babysitter of 3 months
  • we conclude a Contract on Arrangement with the client

Approximate monthly gross salary of a babysitter

Other places – pursuant to the usual wages at the local labour market
Prague and environs – from 25, 000 CZK
Brno and environs – from 20, 000 CZK