We offer to our clients

  • one-time babysitting in client’s homes or in a babysitter’s home
  • when the children or parents are ill or recovering from an illness
  • babysitting at weddings and on holidays
  • babysitting in the course of sport events ( golf, tennis, etc.)
  • babysitting when you do your shopping
  • babysitting in a hotel
  • birthday parties for children

We can immediately process your order on the same day you ordered our services (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc).

How to order a babysitter

  • fill in an order in the Order section
  • you can reach us by phone outside working days or hours
  • we will call you and offer a babysitter experienced in the age group of your child
  • we will send a profile and photo of a care worker
  • you will pay the sum for babysitting to the care worker and receive a receipt