We have a long-term experience with the selection of babysitters who follow regular  routine while working with the children of our clients on the territory of the whole Czech Republic and also abroad.

We offer

  • babysitting for children of all age groups – we are one of the few agencies who are licensed to take care of newborn children
  • babysitting in your home where children like it the best
  • babysitting in our babysitter’s home
  • babysitting for several hours a week up to the part-time or full-time babysitting
  • babysitting in a foreign language
  • we can provide a native speaker to enable the children to acquire the foreign language naturally
  • we work every day a year, at the weekends and during holidays
  • we offer a professional babysitter with a long-term and daylong experience with children
  • we look after the children of high-profile people
  • regular babysitting is provided by a single permanent babysitter

Child Escorting

We can provide a safe escort to your children - you do not need to worry!

  • we escort children to schools and nurseries in the morning
  • we collect the children from schools and escort them to sport and free time activities in the afternoon
  • we take children home, prepare meals, and wait for parents
  • we do homework with schoolchildren and do preparations for the next day
  • we escort them in public transport or in a car
  • we use the services of an affiliated taxi service


  • to arrange the regular babysitting , the client pays the deposit 2 000 CZK
  • the deposit is returnable in case of offering any babysitter
  • the deposit will be deducted from first invoice
  • payment by monthly invoice aftrewords

Safety of a child is of a prime importance for us!