We offer to our clients

  • tutoring in the concrete subject
  • teaching languages, playing musical instruments
  • general preparation for school (homework, dictations)
  • practising subject matter for school 
  • preparation for tests, exams
  • preparation for the entrance exams at secondary schools
  • practising logopaedic tasks


  • We select experienced lecturers, teachers or university students. 
  • Our lecturers are tested and qualified to work with children.
  • We pay attention to their conduct, correct methodological approach, ability to organize the lessons, positive motivation of a child, and ability to assess results.
  • A thorough preparation for each class is essential.
  • At the beginning the lecturer discusses the extent of subject matter to be dealt with in the catch-up lessons with the parent and child, and finds out what the initial level of knowledge and abilities of the child is. 
  • Lessons take place at child’s home, or at lecturer’s home. 
  • The aim is to set up a teaching plan that would suit the child.

The service of catch-up classes may contain also collecting the child from school and escorting home, followed by a catch-up class. 

Price :

250 CZK/hr………..hr = 60 min
Extra sum for another child …50 CZK /hr